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GRC Moulds

At Synergies Moulds, we apply our wealth of experience in all areas of GFRC manufacture and usage to create industry-leading moulds for glassfibre reinforced concrete.

As part of the PBS Synergies group, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in GRC manufacture and quality control. We apply this unique level of insight to every aspect of the production of our GRFC moulds.

GFRC specialists

Moulds play a key role in the manufacture of Spray GRC – so ensure you work with a supplier who knows the material inside and out. Through our work with GRC over the last 10 years, including on some of the most complex geometrical units, we have unrivalled knowledge of how best to manufacture moulds tailored for the production of spray process GRC.

Our proven experience includes complex rubber lining techniques for creating detailed architectural features and patterns, along with advanced folding moulds allowing the simple production of GRC elements which would otherwise not be possible due to restricted access to the concentric spray gun.

Bespoke in-house manufacture

We are not a reseller – our GRC moulds are made in-house by our team. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements, and will deliver a bespoke mould tailored to your needs.

More industries

As a specialist manufacturer of construction moulds, we provide high quality moulds tailored to a range of different materials and industries.


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